Picking the right Tumblr theme or Tumblr layout is a crucial part of building an ideal Tumblr, nobody wants a poorly coded buggy Tumblr theme that doesn't feel right. Here on our Tumblr Themes guide I will give you my own opinions and thoughts on the various different Tumblr themes and Tumblr layouts, and help you pick the right one for you. Right now "minimalist" Tumblr themes seem to be incredibly popular so I'm going to cover my opinions on them first and foremost. With the new web 2.0 movement and the old saying "less is more" their popularity makes complete sense to me. Traditionally minimalist Tumblr themes have a white/light grey background and feel somewhat empty and lacking of character in my opinion, if you aim to make your blog big and famous using one would mean, in my opinion, that you would need to focus more on making yourself memorable through posting original content on your Tumblr blog. To sum it up the pros and cons of minimalist Tumblr themes are...


  • Loads faster than most Tumblr Themes
  • Is popular and likable by most people
  • Easily editable
  • They are so popular that you can find hundreds of premade ones to choose from, but they all feel about the same


  • Lacks a lot of the features non minimalistic Tumblr themes offer, such as social sharing buttons or cool images and graphics
  • Feels somewhat generic and doesn't help you stand out as far as your Tumblr theme is concerned

Tumblr Theme do's and dont's

  • Do not pick a Tumblr theme with a busy background image, people dislike this.  An example of a busy background image is something like flames, or even worse animated flames. It is not easy on the eyes, distracts from your Tumblr blog's content, and looks and feels unprofessional. Typically a simple background color is more than enough to suffice, or if you really want a background image for your Tumblr layout, pick one that is easy on the eyes, usually going with something like 40-60% opacity (transparency) on the image is enough to "soften" it up.
  • Do pick a Tumblr layout that has social features enabled, or you can even use AddThis Social Buttons for a simple solution if you find a Tumblr theme you like but it does not have social sharing enabled.
  • Do try and pick a theme that you feel accurately reflects your blog's style, for example on My Blog I focus mainly on black & white photography, so I went with a grey theme. I edited the colors myself and you can easily do so yourself with a little common knowledge on css and html, it's easy a 10 yr can do it.


Tumblr Theme Providers

Below I have made a list of my personal favorite Tumblr theme and Tumblr layout providers, 99% of them are free, if you would like to see your site listed here feel free to contact me.